Thursday, 24 June 2010

What'd Gramma Say?

I remember my granny saying a lot... "Don't buy that! Do you know how
easy that would be to make?!" well No gramma... I'm 7 and can't
sew yet.
Bless her crotchety little soul (she's still living tho)she was absolutely correct. Little did I know it then...
I don't say it all that much but I think it often.
For example... some little dolls .. selling for upwards
of $50.00.... ppppsssshhhhaaaahhhh.

I made my own!
(yes, that would be my own horn)


Debbie said...

She is gorgeous, I wish I could just whip up a doll like that!

cindy said...

Great job Lyndsay, you are so talented, must be from you ole granny, not from me