Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Crafting with Lola

Tonight I gave Lola a little craft
project to keep her out of my hair ...

She was so proud of herself and
kept saying "I love making paper clips"
I kept telling her it was a hair clip/pin
... but yeah..I guess she is going to useit for all her important
papers insteadof keeping her hair out of her face

smiles like a goober when shes really excited

A little lolipop hair.. er.. paperclip!

And here is what I did.
A little bracelet with shades of blue cord.
I kinda dig it..

Lola asked me why I was taking pictures of this and
I told her to put them on my blog..
after a few seconds she says...
"well.. I think you should put it on your wrist"

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