Saturday, 24 October 2009


To start off the Halloween festivities we went to a pumpkin painting/carving contest today.
Izzie would not stay put and met a girl he enjoyed hugging and kissing on.
Lola won best pumpkin and got a little prize.
Maisie was a great helper and I think she had a good time too ;)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Fun with Felting

It's that time of year again..
time to get out the yarn and start knitting and crocheting..
This year I am learning to felt. So far I have made a couple
of hats and a stocking... I really enjoy the process and love the
way that the socking turned out.
Even though the object doesnt change much it's exciting for me to
put it in the washer and see what comes out.

Before Felting..


The latest felted hat..
Four hats later I am finally liking the pattern I am coming up with.

Friday, 18 September 2009

What am I doing?

Been busy sewing and adding stuff to my etsy page.. GO LOOK!

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and these are a few of my favorite things...

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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Red Riding Hood Smock

Made the CUTEST smock yet!
I found some Kokka print that I thought I'd used up but alas had not!
Probably had a little more than a quarter yard left and
managed to pull 2 smocks and 1 small apron out of it... and the smock..
My sweet Izzie man once again is my model...
he pulls off the girly clothes so well :)

Monday, 10 August 2009

Pink Tee Shirt Dress

Watch me turn a t-shirt into a sundress....

The shirt.

A little snip snip.

Elastic thread.

Nearly finished.


Kick in the Panties...

Just when I think I am free and clear from blogging I get that guilty twinge and I am pulled back in... It's not that I don't like to... (I do) Or that I don't have time... (I could make time) It's more a feeling of 'Im just not that organized.. put together.. whatever.' And whatever it is.. here I am .. back again... And it's really funny because who am I back for? hah... I am about 99.9% positive NO ONE reads this blog... So no biggie..
I am going to start again photo journal-ing the things that I am sewing..

so.. less talkie.. more sewie...

The last thing that I made.. That I took a picture of..
Already sold!! Thanks Hungry Hippie! : )

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


This is a picture of me swinging happily as a child. I am not sure how I came into possession of it, or why it was up on display on the side of the fridge. I have seen it many times and never thought anything other then, 'Geez, that is sure some brown grass'. Then the other day I was standing leaning against the counter top, I glanced over at the fridge and Jesus freakin jumped out at me!
Now that I have seen him I cannot look at the picture without seeing him.
If you don't see him at first here is where to look... the upper right hand side
of the photo. The shadows cast by the unseen tree form the face of Jesus on the side of the storage shed in the background.
Does anyone else see this? Or am I just nutty?
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Monday, 27 April 2009

Maisie's New Hair and Izzie turned 1

Maisie got new hair for her big 10 birthday. I could have killed her when she rinsed it out and turned the white bathroom pink. I am over it now. Very little remains left to piss me off when I go in there... and her hair is super cute so I suppose it was worth it ;)

The weekend before Maisie's birthday Izzie turned 1. He is smaller still than all my babies have been at this age. 21 pounds and hardly 2 feet tall. Skinny little shorty pants.

Happy Birthday #1 Izzie!

Bad Blogger.

Hey, so yeah, I don't like to blog. There has been a ginormaouagantic gap in time since my last post. And I feel badly about this... I really do. I blog in my head all the time. If only I could hook my brain up to my laptop and transfer the data there onto here, without having to lift a finger. Anyhow, I want to win this contest, and even though I already have a babysteals tag on my blog, I am putting on another. They are turning a big 1 and I am happy to say that I love them. I have gotten many items from dirt cheap. Babylegs, baby spare wear, some cutesty shoes, some pants I think... I don't really remember. I get an email from them every day with the steal of the day and it is always something fantastic that I don't need, but usually have to have.
Happy Birthday Baby Steals dot Com!