Saturday, 22 August 2009

Red Riding Hood Smock

Made the CUTEST smock yet!
I found some Kokka print that I thought I'd used up but alas had not!
Probably had a little more than a quarter yard left and
managed to pull 2 smocks and 1 small apron out of it... and the smock..
My sweet Izzie man once again is my model...
he pulls off the girly clothes so well :)

Monday, 10 August 2009

Pink Tee Shirt Dress

Watch me turn a t-shirt into a sundress....

The shirt.

A little snip snip.

Elastic thread.

Nearly finished.


Kick in the Panties...

Just when I think I am free and clear from blogging I get that guilty twinge and I am pulled back in... It's not that I don't like to... (I do) Or that I don't have time... (I could make time) It's more a feeling of 'Im just not that organized.. put together.. whatever.' And whatever it is.. here I am .. back again... And it's really funny because who am I back for? hah... I am about 99.9% positive NO ONE reads this blog... So no biggie..
I am going to start again photo journal-ing the things that I am sewing..

so.. less talkie.. more sewie...

The last thing that I made.. That I took a picture of..
Already sold!! Thanks Hungry Hippie! : )