Monday, 28 June 2010

Mini Wonderland Bunting - Mini Tutorial

Wonderland Mini Bunting
Mini Tutorial

(by mini I mean not very wordy, and not very instructional)

Here is what I did to make the mini bunting:

First the ingredients if you will:
1 Jelly Roll
1 Honey Bun (maybe this is called a sweet roll?)
Bias Tape
Pinking Shears
Straight Pins

The pretty rolls before I unrolled them.

The strips before sewing together.

Measuring the triangles after the strips are sewn.

All the stacks before being sewn together....
Here is where is starts to get messy...

the chain of triangles....

Once all the triangles were done I used my pinking
shears to clip the edges..

The I sewed them onto some 1/4 inch bias tape...

I LOVE IT!! I love the colors and the raw edges.
I love that it can be appropriate for more than one
occasion or decorating theme... AND
I love that on this package of bias I only had to
use 20 triangles.. and that I have 140 more.
So I can SELL SOME!!
My etsy shop has seen some better days..
I need something to brighten it up a bit


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Free Water PaRK and Maisie is HOME!!

no commentary necessary for this post..
just enjoy the pictures!
SOOO happy to have Maisie back home!!
(she LOVED camp!! YAA!!)

crafting should commence soon..
stay tuned!

Friday, 25 June 2010


Dream a little dream...

Remember when you were a kid and anything seemed possible?
everything was imaginable and could at any moment happen?
you swore you would never grow old.. into one
of those dumb boring grown ups!?

everything was so exciting.. every moment was an excuse to do
something spontaneous ...
you lived to make everyone around you question you.
she says things like
"I love you five"
"to write love on her arms"
she loves
'never shout never', 'paramore' , and 'all time low'
.....anything and everything is possible to her ....
she want's for everything to be handed to you.. and there
should be been no reason why it shouldn't be..

that is my Maisie.
She is the coolest.. most fantastic.. totally amazing..
flipping brave.. has more guts than anyone I know..
the biggest little person that I have ever known.
I love her more than I love life.

how can such a little girl be so big?
I <3>

Thursday, 24 June 2010


congrats to Toni Searle!

I conducted a random draw.. the old fashioned way..

You can't see the name on the paper.. but I promise it's there!

Be on the look out for your little purses. I'll ship them out tomorrow.

and everyone else stay tuned for a new Giveaway!

coming soon!!

What'd Gramma Say?

I remember my granny saying a lot... "Don't buy that! Do you know how
easy that would be to make?!" well No gramma... I'm 7 and can't
sew yet.
Bless her crotchety little soul (she's still living tho)she was absolutely correct. Little did I know it then...
I don't say it all that much but I think it often.
For example... some little dolls .. selling for upwards
of $50.00.... ppppsssshhhhaaaahhhh.

I made my own!
(yes, that would be my own horn)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Crafting with Lola

Tonight I gave Lola a little craft
project to keep her out of my hair ...

She was so proud of herself and
kept saying "I love making paper clips"
I kept telling her it was a hair clip/pin
... but yeah..I guess she is going to useit for all her important
papers insteadof keeping her hair out of her face

smiles like a goober when shes really excited

A little lolipop hair.. er.. paperclip!

And here is what I did.
A little bracelet with shades of blue cord.
I kinda dig it..

Lola asked me why I was taking pictures of this and
I told her to put them on my blog..
after a few seconds she says...
"well.. I think you should put it on your wrist"

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Contest Entry ACK!!

I made a dress to enter into a contest
and I CAN NOT get a good picture of it!!
Someone please enlighten me.. how the heck
do you take a picture of a wobbley 5.5 month old
that shows off the dress she is wearing..
Out of 55 pictures here are three that
aren't horrible but I don't think good enough
to use as entry photos..

Here she looks somewhat calm...
but not really down for picture taking.

In this one she is looking at Lola as if to say

And here she is coming for my jugular..
She hates pink.. she hates polka dots.. and most
of all she hates the ridiculous bow that I put in her hair...
and it all goes down hill from here...

I have a few days left to enter my dress in the contest..
any suggestions for how to get a good picture would be
greatly appreciated!

Monday, 21 June 2010


First of all I must send a GI-FLIPPINGANTIC
THANK YOU to Natalie @
for the fantastic tutorial I followed in order
to make this giveaway possible!

And being that I really have enough little purses and
thingamabobs cluttering my workspace I thought
this would be the perfect excuse to have a giveaway.
I love free stuff! I love getting free stuff!
I love giving away stuff for free!

OK so here's how it works.
Post a comment... and ...yeah.
(please include your email address in your comment)
(so I can let you know if you win)
A random winner will be chosen from the
comments and that random winner will
win the prize...
the catch?! please be a follower of my blog
in order to win :)
Not so much to ask eh?

And here is the lovely prize you're all playing for...

Two cutesy little coin/credit card/cash/photo/key chain purses.

I will keep this contest open till Thursday 6/24 evening!
Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your neighbors!
OK so its not that big of a contest but I'd like some new
And there will be plenty more GIVEAWAYS to come..

Saturday, 19 June 2010

pssst... Happy Birthday Heather!

Hey there.. Heather.. My bff since what?.. 1990?
I made you this purse for your birthday and I filled
it full of the fancy Febreze gifts..
I hope you love it.
I think it turned out pretty good :)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

My Febreze Fresh Summer House Party

Thank you so much to Febreze and!

As some of you know I was chosen as a hostess for
the Febreze Fresh Summer House Party!
My Party Pack arrived today and it is AMAZING!
FULL SIZED samples of several different products
and lots and coupons to share...
I am so excited to have this party and give away all these goodies!
Here is a little sneak peek of all of the stuff I will
be sharing at the party :)
Can't wait to see you all!

Rainy Day Crafts

Lola has been wanting to make the
salt dough clay from the 'green crafts for children'
book.. it was fun.. my only recommendation is
that you use table salt.. not kosher salt..
Had I had the table salt I would have done so.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Friday Night

Dinner- Whole Wheat pasta tuna casserole
Dessert- Banana Nut Bread with walnuts
Drink- A martini with TWO olives
Thank YOU very much!

she holds the plate so daintily yet she scarfs it down like a dog !