Friday, 25 June 2010

Dream a little dream...

Remember when you were a kid and anything seemed possible?
everything was imaginable and could at any moment happen?
you swore you would never grow old.. into one
of those dumb boring grown ups!?

everything was so exciting.. every moment was an excuse to do
something spontaneous ...
you lived to make everyone around you question you.
she says things like
"I love you five"
"to write love on her arms"
she loves
'never shout never', 'paramore' , and 'all time low'
.....anything and everything is possible to her ....
she want's for everything to be handed to you.. and there
should be been no reason why it shouldn't be..

that is my Maisie.
She is the coolest.. most fantastic.. totally amazing..
flipping brave.. has more guts than anyone I know..
the biggest little person that I have ever known.
I love her more than I love life.

how can such a little girl be so big?
I <3>

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