Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Contest Entry ACK!!

I made a dress to enter into a contest
and I CAN NOT get a good picture of it!!
Someone please enlighten me.. how the heck
do you take a picture of a wobbley 5.5 month old
that shows off the dress she is wearing..
Out of 55 pictures here are three that
aren't horrible but I don't think good enough
to use as entry photos..

Here she looks somewhat calm...
but not really down for picture taking.

In this one she is looking at Lola as if to say

And here she is coming for my jugular..
She hates pink.. she hates polka dots.. and most
of all she hates the ridiculous bow that I put in her hair...
and it all goes down hill from here...

I have a few days left to enter my dress in the contest..
any suggestions for how to get a good picture would be
greatly appreciated!


Debbie said...

Have you got any baby dolls that it would fit? That way you could position it any way you wanted!

hungryhippie said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! She looks like Lola! LOL SOOOO cute.