Monday, 28 June 2010

Mini Wonderland Bunting - Mini Tutorial

Wonderland Mini Bunting
Mini Tutorial

(by mini I mean not very wordy, and not very instructional)

Here is what I did to make the mini bunting:

First the ingredients if you will:
1 Jelly Roll
1 Honey Bun (maybe this is called a sweet roll?)
Bias Tape
Pinking Shears
Straight Pins

The pretty rolls before I unrolled them.

The strips before sewing together.

Measuring the triangles after the strips are sewn.

All the stacks before being sewn together....
Here is where is starts to get messy...

the chain of triangles....

Once all the triangles were done I used my pinking
shears to clip the edges..

The I sewed them onto some 1/4 inch bias tape...

I LOVE IT!! I love the colors and the raw edges.
I love that it can be appropriate for more than one
occasion or decorating theme... AND
I love that on this package of bias I only had to
use 20 triangles.. and that I have 140 more.
So I can SELL SOME!!
My etsy shop has seen some better days..
I need something to brighten it up a bit


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hungryhippie said...

TOTALLY RAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're bunting is SO much cooler than mine...beotch.