Thursday, 29 July 2010

if I could make a comparison, please

i was drying my hair today and it struck me suddenly...
{my blog... is like that one scene in 'Hedwig and The Angry Inch"}

For those that haven't seen the movie..
You Are Missing Out.
even my husband.. who is grossed out by gay things
but in real life might have a thing for effeminate men
(I know this this because he GUSHES over Brain Molko- Placebo's Lead Singer)
totally loves.. or kinda loves.. or at least loves to watch this movie
and plays the song "Origin of Love" every time he is drunk ;)

any way it is a great movie.. in my humble opinion..
and getting off track here what I mean to get across
is that ..

there is a scene in the movie where Hedwig is playing
to a very small crowd.. in a deli.. the song is fantastic.
One of my FAVORITES..
however the only people watching are the few in the deli..
they're not really paying attention..
just having some coldcuts.. and maybe a sodee..

it occured to me that iam like Hedwig.
and ONLY in that way
(because I am not a transsexual punk rocker.. )

my blog is just one a a trillion..
and I only have 18 followers..and I think probably only maybe 5... or 3 of those
followers actually 'follow' me.

In some far off way I am like Hedwig singing to those 4 folks
having a bite of sammich.

I really having some sewing to do..Just had to get that out of my head..
its been swimming in there ALL DAY!!

clicking on the photo will take you to the video
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Honey Lamb and I said...

Oh sister you are being watched on here more than you think! lol! I will have to go and rent that movies now. You are hilarious! Now get to sewing! I want to see what you make next.....because I am following!!! :) ~Shelley O.

Honey Lamb and I said...
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hungryhippie said...'re going to be famous one day...selling your skirts and such. Just wait, and please don't forget about me when that day dawns. :o)
I will watch this move TONITE...becuz as always, I like what you like. 'Sista!

hungryhippie said...

I think the "origin of Love" is my new faveorite song. PHAT.

half pint honey said...

the origin of love is a GREAT SONG! Do watch the movie you guys! and when it gets to the part in the deli you will smile and think of me!

Toni Searle said...

I read your blog all the time, and so do my friends.

koralee said...

You would be surprise how many people pop in to visit many readers never leave comments or never follow! I think it is pure loveliness over here. xoxxo