Saturday, 17 July 2010

My Husband Went To Vegas And All I Got Was This....

yeah so Michael went to Vegas to meet his family
and escort themback to our lovely home..
and he brought back some funny gifts for us all..
except the kazoo for Lola was kind of a bad idea..
anyway.. mine was tiny ...and I assume VERY cheap..
I was just thinking to myself the other day..
that I need/want to make some baby shirts that say
I heart Zombies.
and so yeah.. now I totally am going to!

here she is.. watching over all my sewing from here on out..
or at least until one of the kiddies find her.

OH, and Izzie got some glasses...
tee hee


neverEVERshoutNEVER said...

oh no,
i look horridballl

Anna said...

I Love It!!!

LollyChops said...

Oh how totally funny!!! I love your zombie babe!