Saturday, 10 July 2010

Made something for myself...

I think I might be going coo-coo-crazy with all the tutu making..
Tonight I wanted to make something for myself.. because I rarely
do.. I chose a fabric that I like but wouldn't be upset about if I totallywrecked.. then once I cut out the skirt I wanted to make the tutu bug
came over me ..and I threw a silky polka dot layer under the main skirt
and added mini poms and pleated ribbon!! FER REALS?!?! yep..Totally off my rocker...

When I was almost done and holding it up to give it a good look Maisie
says "OH MY GOSH IT"S HUGE!!" ok.. thanks Mais.. mama is huge..but we don't need to say it out loud.. or at least THAT LOUD!! :)
I am decently happy with the results.. I am wearing it now..
I might look like a clown.. or a crazily dressed homeless person..
It is comfy though.. and cute.. in an odd way.

I have to say that I was totally inspired to make something for myself
by my good friend Natalie over

at Hungry Hippie ... she made the most amazing peasant dress with petticoat..
Thanks for the INSPIRATION nat!


hungryhippie said...

That is too cute!! I'd wear it-totally. Good job girly!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I need to start looking for fabric so you can make me one! But I want a whole dress with a tutu bottom on it!

@Home-Mom said...

We wear tutus for tutu-Tuesday. Get the kids excited for each day of the week if we plan an activity. I love it and would def wear it too.

I'd like to link to this for tomrrow ;)

koralee said...

I think it is adorable..and looks so comfy..good job..way to go. A present to yourself.

Hugs for a great Wed. xoxo