Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Start Of MANY TuTu's!!

At first I didn't like tutu's very much..
.. I don't know why.. I guess because it seemed everyone
was doing it... and I don't tend to like to go along with the crowd..
Then the tutu drive came along and the little girl inside
me couldn't help but make one ..
I can't stop!

I went to a place.. bought some.. er TONS of stuff.. and am
now on a TUTU MAKING FIT!!
What little girl doesn't like a tutu?!
So I have one or a few for the tutu drive.. and of course one or a few for my
little girls.. and then maybe I will take some to a craft show
and try to sell some... It seems as though I am keeping
more than I am willing to let go of these days though.

Here is Lola showing off the first of many :)

It isn't SUPER tutu-ish.. but stay tuned for the
awesome tutu materials that I brought home this evening..
I told little dorkes to make pretty faces... and as you can tell
by the second one.. she makes REALLY pretty faces!!


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hungryhippie said...

LUV it--as I do everything you make.