Sunday, 1 August 2010

"it's a pillow.. it's a pet.. it's a pillow BUDDY!"

I don't know if you've all heard this little jingle as many times as I have...
it's catchy (kinda) and gets stuck in my head..
especially when little Lola sings it and will not stop asking for one.
... after seeing the commercials I know that I would like to
make her one but I am not good with 'on the fly' 'off the cuff' type things..
I need a pattern to insure not having to re-do a million times...
since the little peachs b-day is fast approaching I decided it was time
to figure this pillow person out..
THANK YOU SO MUCH to Elizabeth @ Twelve Crafts!!!
I thought at the very best I would have to piece together tutorials on doll heads and pillow cases! She way outdid herself here and unknowingly answered my pillow(pet) buddy prayers :)

I really need to say THANKS!
and re-post this here just incase anyone else
out there wants to make one too.

click on the photo to find the tutorial ... check out the rest of her blog too..
She's cool :)

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