Saturday, 11 October 2008

Saturday's Walk in Ely (eel- E)

izzie bebe is a mama's boy! :)

Today we went to Ely to check out some charity shops as well as scope out a walk that we are planning for Girl Scouts next week... well I forgot to bring the directions to the GS walk so we just ended up thrifting and walking about.. to and fro.. it was fun though.. We got ice keem (as lola calls it).. I found the perfect coat and pants to make a costume out of... an old sheet and pillow covers to make something with.. and a neat little tin for putting buttons in...
It was a really beautiful day, surprising for England... and so we walked for a long time and sat and ate our ice cream along the river.. the babies were really good.. Maisie complained as usual.

we arrive ... at the carpark.. I drove this time so we didn't have
to spend 5 hours pulling into a parking space :-O... (sorry michael)

I found some super amazing yarn at this shoppe... I cannot wait to start using it. I plan to make some more wrist cuffs with it. Maisie picked out a bright orange acrylic. I got wool and bamboo..

there is a butcher next door to the yarn store.. I wanted to get something just to try it.. They had pork pie.. and this here.. Michael seemed to think that it wouldn't be sanitary.. we planned to stop back on our way out but we didn't... some day though... we will try the pasties and pork pies

of course we always have to detour at the toilet.. this time lola was wet..

izzie and daddy hung out outside while the girls pee'd

the ice keem man.. maisie and lola had soft serve cones..
michael had a coffee cone and i had a vanilla and nut cone...

we really saw a different side of Ely today.. we've been so many times and always stayed on the same path.. today we ventured off that path and it proved to be very rewarding..

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