Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Blog Number One

i have never enjoyed writing as a past time... certainly not writing about what iam doing..
seems kinda silly... but i was inspired by a dear friend.. madly creative.. super nice lady.. with a beautiful little girl.. in a land far far away..
so i have decided to give it a go.. at the very least it will help me to keep organized all the ideas for crafts/sewing that i have in my head and the things i need/want to finish.
  • reversible skirt with day of dead material
  • red eyes on robot shirt
  • felt a hat
  • reversible skirt with ant material
  • cut up some of the clothing i've recently acquired and is now starting to pile to the ceiling
  • come up with some ideas for the fabric i get from the clothing
  • finish panda costume
  • start m's costume
  • start l's costume
  • knit some more cuffs with names or hearts or stars
  • brainstorm ways to sew downstairs
  • make a list of gifts i want to make for christmas gifts
  • start organizing material for aprons
ok i think that is a good list for the time being...
let's see how this all pans out..
the blog will keep us all updated :)

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