Tuesday, 7 September 2010


After a little bit of messin around I came up with a super easy way to make the pants
I make now last a lot longer.. Starting with fitting Lola, they also fit Izzie and will soon
enough fit Fiona.. Wish I had done this a long time ago.. there are some pants I made Izzie
a while back that I still wish fit him...
anyhow... here's the trick... Elastic in back.. Drawstring in the front..
I know .. I know.. Doesn't take a genius...
Super easy.. should have made a tutorial but I was so busy 'thinking' and 'working' that I
totally didn't! Basically you make a pant how you normally would...
* make two button holes in front area.
*cut your elastic half or less than what you would normally use..
*sew drawstrings onto both ends of elastic
When you thread your elastic leave the entire front casing open thread just the elastic part
through the back.. sew the part where the elastic and drawstring meet into one side (seam area)
thread through the rest of the way and do the same on the opposite side.
Now thread the drawstrings through the button holes in front .. fold over the casing and enclose
the drawstrings. VIOLA!!
OK so this would help with pictures I am sure so I
will take some of the next pair I make and post them ....

action shots of what Lola is calling her 'dinner pants'

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Honey Lamb and I said...

Love it! My kids would love me to make some of these!!